Our Core Services

Consulting – We empower you to make informed decisions

At Behring Khan, we specialize in offering comprehensive guidance to our clients in executing their alternative investment strategies.

Our expertise encompasses a range of critical aspects, including the design of fund structures and the assessment of regulatory capital charges. In accordance with Solvency II, CRR banking regulations and German pension fund regulations, we adeptly navigate the intricacies of the regulatory landscape to ensure your alternative investments are optimized.

Our team is committed to delivering strategic insights that empower you to make informed decisions and successfully navigate the complexities of alternative investments.

Structuring – Dedicated to creating efficient fund structures

We provide comprehensive and tailored structuring solutions for investments in single and pooled alternative assets. Whether you are venturing into private debt, private equity, real estate, or other alternative investments, our team is dedicated to creating efficient fund structures that align with your unique objectives.

Opt for Behring Khan as your partner, providing unconventional solutions and delivering innovative approaches to private assets.

SaaS – Offering a turn-key solution

Behring Khan is your trusted partner that specializes in seamlessly executing the intricate process of securitizing and repackaging assets. Our extensive suite of services encompasses structuring, ongoing administration and reporting, offering a turn-key solution for transforming illiquid and private assets into securities.

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Our Complementary Services

Turn Key Fund Solutions for Alternative Investments

Meet our affiliate BKN Capital – a Luxembourg-based Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) specializing in providing turn-key solutions for alternative investments within the intricacies of a complex regulatory environment.

As an boutique AIFM, BKN Capital provides comprehensive and bespoke solutions that encompass portfolio management, risk management, valuation and distribution.

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Regulatory Investor Reporting

Behring Khan provides tailored regulatory investor reporting solutions for European insurance companies, pension funds and banks.

Our reporting is especially designed for the nuances of private assets, securitisations, asset-based lending, complex asset types and intricate fund structures. Our comprehensive reporting services cover amongst others Solvency II TPT reporting, VAG reporting and CRR banking reporting. Additionally, we offer Solvency II Infrastructure qualification services, further solidifying our commitment to providing holistic solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.